Eating, Oh

Foods Eaten Lately

I have eaten some weird things lately.  Not weird to some, I’m sure…but, to me, a bit off the beaten path of the usual items I shove in my food-hole.

Not more than five minutes ago, I ate an Epic Beef/Habañero/Cherry protein bar.  Now, I was sitting at a desk but, I had this primal feeling that I had killed and eaten an animal…made from meat…and I was then eating the meat.  And, apparently, I’d grown cherries and habañeros in a field that I’d plowed with a mule that I’d raised from birth.  It’s a hard life on the frontier some days.  At least I got me some protein.

So, I like food.  I like trying new foods.  I grew up in a fairly meat/potatoes kind of family.  While there was an excellent variety of home-cooked meals, and I loved my mom’s cooking, we didn’t eat out much, so I didn’t have the opportunity to try much cuisine outside the ol’ fashion home-cookin’ spectrum.  My family isn’t all that adventurous food-wise, but I must have gotten a recessive trait in my genes that made me long for the culinary open sea.  Or, something.  I tried sushi for the first time as a senior in high school, and never looked back.  Okay, I looked back plenty, but you never know these days who might be sneaking up on you.  I like spicy ethnic foods, and I like raw fish, love oysters…anyway…I don’t consider myself a food-bore.  I don’t have a food-borin’ illness–har har.  Please don’t think of me as some Anthony Bourdain or Rick-Steves-with-a-fork, but I’m not averse to trying “weird” foods.  There are lots of folks who are.  No big whoop.

Last night I ate a can of sardines.  My wife thought that was weird (and gross).  To me, it was like salty tuna.  My son–he’s four–thinks I’m weird already, so I’ll leave his opinion out of it.  I was at the grocery store the other day looking for King Oscar Fish Balls.  Sadly, I don’t think they make them any longer.  My Grandpa used to fry those up in a pan, and occasionally share them with me.  Gross?  Absolutely.  Do I still get an occasional craving for them?  Absolutely.  Not finding the KOFB, I decided to go for a can of sardines (in olive oil).  Still not sure why.  I hadn’t had sardines before that…maybe ever, at least in the last 30 years.  So I had some, with toast.  Not bad.  Not sure I need to get them again, but I ate the whole can with no regrets.

For the record, I don’t search out “weird” foods as a rule.  I just try things as they (usually not literally) cross my path.  If you are a duck, do not cross my path; I will eat you.  Food dares?  Not really for me.  Things like live octopus or balut or stink flipper don’t really interest me.  What I’m saying is there may be “gross” things I’ll try or eat on purpose, but I don’t seek those things out because they’re gross…I eat things I find interesting or that I believe will taste good to me, I try not to dwell to hard on the ingredients.  I think you get the idea.

In thinking about it, I’m probably not that much different than anyone else.  Most folks (probably) like to try new things.  Don’t they?  I don’t know everyone in the world, or even all the people in a society like the U.S. with our access to everything under the sun, but I feel like I’m pretty normal.  Not everyone has to be “vs. Food”, and neither am I.  I guess I’m rambling at this point.  I don’t want to beat a dead horse.  Or eat one.  Well, maybe with some onion, salt, pepper, and garlic.




Getting Old is Starting to Get Old and Stuff

First off…where the heck have I been?  Obviously not keeping the blog updated.  You know how when you start something and then get busy or lazy and bogged down in the minutiae of life and TV?  Maybe you don’t.  But, I do!  Alright.  Anyway.  Back on the horse…

*     *     *

I’m not as young as I used to be.  Now, if that isn’t one of the dumbest statements a person can make.  Of course I’m not as young as I used be!  What?  I have yet to meet the person who is as young as they used to be, or is now younger than they used to be.  It’s like saying, “Here’s a photo of me when I was younger…”  Really?!  You must not have one of those new cameras that takes futuregraphs.  Thanks for clarifying. In fairness, I’ve never met Benjamin Button, but he was a freak of nature…was he even real?  Nearly positive I saw something on TLC about it.  Whatever.

It’s true, though: I’m getting old(er).  My wife tells me I’m not.  My body reminds me on an hourly basis that I’m falling apart.  Sometimes my mind brings up the subject, but I pacify that sucker with whiskey or TV–sometimes both!–so I’m not exactly sure what its opinion might be.  Ever since I was in a bowling league a few years back, my knee and shoulder haven’t been the same.  I have been thinking more and more about moving further away from the city, and less about what premium denim to buy.  Okay, I still think about what jeans to get next…some things just don’t change.  But, I am feeling like I’m supposed to be growing up, not just older.

Now that I have a family–I consider a wife and a dog a family–I have been forced to start acting more responsibly.  Gotta look out for more than just number one.  Let me re-phrase that before it devolves into some stupid scatological joke.  I have to put others before myself: namely Mrs. AnthonDerek.  The dog will always be secondary…after all, I’m the pack-leader.  (Thanks, Dog Whisperer!)  Don’t get me wrong!  I love her like crazy and it’s my honor and pleasure to be her man.  I like putting her needs before mine.  It’s just different than when I was single.  I do wish I had realized how much I like firearms when I was single and didn’t care about paying bills as much.  But, you can’t go back.  In time.  Unless you’re “falling back” to Standard Time.  Tangent!  Off-tangent!  So, I guess my point is, I’m growing up, or at least trying.  I’m sure there’s still room for being a kid, though, right?

What else is going on?  Well, I’ve been reading more.  Mostly novels.  Vince Flynn novels.  Currently reading Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia.  It’s fun…kind of a B-Horror movie thing…lots of guns and smartassery.

Let’s see…how about an incoherent rant about politics and stuff?  Okay!

What the crap, Mr. President?!!  Actually, that’s about all I have the energy for…I’m old ya know.

Anyways…I’ve been thinking about guns a lot.  Because they are fun and good to have around if you ever need one.  I think I’ve sort of created a monster out of one of my buddies.  He’s turned into a major gun-geek, staying up all night watching Glock videos on YouTube and whatnot.  S’all good, though.  One more friend with whom to go shooting.

Well, I guess that’s all for right now.  I know…disjointed and ramble-heavy.  When one gets back on a horse after not having been on a horse for a while, it takes a bit to get re-situated and back into the swing of things and all.  I think Teddy Roosevelt said that.

BONUS: Be careful when taking vitamins with carbonated beverages.  Those vitamin burps can be really gnarly.